Leah Pritchett er verdens smukkeste drag racer: Se billederne

De færreste kvinder kan lide, når tingene går alt for stærkt… Men her skal du møde en kvinde, som elsker, at det er overstået på få sekunder.

Hun hedder Leah Pritchett, og hun kører professionelt dragracing i USA.

Det er hun ret god til, men hun ser også bare uhyggeligt smuk ud i en kørerdragt.


Se bare de fine billeder af Leah herunder:

Late on the #internationalwomensday post… got lost in the day&night, doing all the things the creators of this day over 100 years ago meant for it to help someone like me lead to. Equal opportunities, equal pay, equal hours, and emancipation for women worldwide. I am no feminist, do not think ‘women should rule the world’ – but am incredibly grateful for the barriers broken by those before us, and to be a real life part of potentially influencing women who need it. I share in this day (barely, it’s almost midnight) because I back the movement; for all passions, talents, ambition, and voice of men and women alike to not just compete, but compliment each other equally. But wait, there’s more…. Knowing that although we operate in the most diversified motorsport on the planet… down the street and abroad there are women and girls living a much more objectified/suppressed life based on their gender, and believe we have a duty to continue the education of women’s ever changing equality opportunities until it is not just globally achieved, but only a thing to be read about in a social studies book somewhere. #rantover #hadmixedfeelingsaboutposting #feltlikesharing #mustbebecauseimawoman #seewhatididthere #pickedahand #landofthegrey #nofilter

Et opslag delt af L E A H P R I T C H E T T (@leahpritchett_tf) den

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