Er det her verdens smukkeste mor?

Ildiko Ferenczi er tidligere Playboy-model og er nu blevet mor. En forandring, der kun har gjort hende smukkere, hvis man spørger hovedpersonen selv, skriver Break.

Den canadiske mor er slet ikke i tvivl om, at det er sønnens fortjeneste, at hun er så smuk, som hun er. Arh, det tvivler vi nu lidt på…

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Daniel er nu blevet 16 måneder og allerede kort tid efter, at Ildiko havde født ham, optrådte hun på sin vante plads på forsiden af Playboy.

Se billederne af verdens måske smukkeste mor: 

•MALIBU NIGHTS• Just sitting here waiting for summer to come💕This world is so gorgeous! My son sees such beauty in EVERYTHING and EVERYONE…what a fabulous opportunity for me to really reconnect and see the beauty of every inch of the earth and all the beautiful souls around me….beauty is everywhere…we just need to see it, take it in and let it collide with our hearts! We are all so Blessed🙏🏻 take it in my beautiful friends…take it in. @ifluxuryswim Hair & makeup @spicylilpepper #blogger #fashion #beachlife #summer #model #inspire

Et opslag delt af ILDIKO FERENCZI (@spicylilpepper) den

•#BAYWATCH• Be a shark claim what’s yours! Fight for it! That’s the only way your going to get it!!! 🦈♥️ We had so much fun recreating this Baywatch look for my photo shoot with @jj_velasquez_photo it was shocking to see what a commotion this red suit caused!!!🙈 It was so fantastic to meet all the tourists that pulled up for pictures and videos. It was truly awesome to meet and see you all! LOVE you lots! Xoxo Oh and hey some of my supporters sent your article to me! That’s so sweet of you to notice the commotion our Baywatch shoot caused! 🙈🤣😂 😘 @dailystar @dailymail @aol @kingpublishing @buzzfeednews @tmz ty for the cute article! Love ya! 😘😘 Suit @revolve #inspiration #motivation #fitmom #fitness #fit #bikini #baywatchmovie #baywatch #bikini #summer #luxury #california #malibu #travel #blogger #fashion #beauty

Et opslag delt af ILDIKO FERENCZI (@spicylilpepper) den

#happyvalentinesday babes!❤❤❤ #bestoftheday #ove

Et opslag delt af ILDIKO FERENCZI💎 (@spicylilpepper) den

Kilde: Break

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